Sunday, August 26, 2007

Meeting with Alan Fekete 24/08/2007

With Jon Patrick being away for the week, Professor Alan Fekete took over as our thesis supervisor. Hendy and I had a meeting with him on Friday and the agenda for this week was to:
  • Update our progress with Alan Fekete.
  • Overall architecture of the proposed supervisor.
  • Requirements for literature review
  • Discuss the scope of the project

Outcomes of the meeting:

  • Need to determine the overarching architecture in which the prototype will be based on (for example, the number of servers and clients in which the system will run on). We will need to get in contact with the RPA for this information. Also, this type of informaiton will be ueful in updating the SRS for an ideal ICU system.
  • Regarding the literature review, the focus would be on:

. 1. workflow, workflow processing, workflow modelling

. 2. Management Information Systems (M.I.S)

. 3. Issues of current M.I.S

. 4. Intensive Care Information System

I plan to get an initial draft to both Alan Fekete and Jon Patrick by next Wednesday before official hand in on Friday.

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