Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Meeting with 2007 RPA Health Informatics Team and demonstration at RPA

Today, I had a meeting with Jon Patrick with regards to the theses projects that were concurrently in action in the Health Informatics field in conjunction with the RPA. Present were Jon Patrick, Peter, Hendy, David and Victor. During this meeting we had discussed general overview of all projects, administrative and management of projects as well as dwelling into a more detailed discussion of the thesis project itself.

In the afternoon, the project group headed to the RPA ICU where a prototype of clinical data analytics language was demonstrated to both the team and RPA employees by Yuzhong. The CDAL is effectively a less restricted natural language that allows users to ask complex analytical questions to the ICU database. For example a question could entail "Find the average heart rate for a class of patients exhibiting x,y,z characteristics over a x,y,z time interval".

Tomorrow, my aim is to continue to update this blog with a more detailed recount of the meeting, finish off a rough project plan, as well as update TRAC (a subversion and wiki that the team will also be using to track our progress, ideas and source code). I will also continue to work on my sections of the SRS which Hendy and I aim to at least get a draft level before next week.

Speaking of next week (week 1), we have organised a meeting with Angela (RPA contact) to discuss the how ICU works and the type of workflows that occur within an ICU at the RPA.

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