Friday, July 13, 2007

System Analysis of current ICU IS and ICU SRS

Our first concrete task for the thesis is to develop a comprehensive ICU SRS (Intensive Care Unit Software Requirement Specification). This is to be done in conjunction with Hendy.

The ICU SRS is to be used as an input specification to generate an ideal ICU IS. Therefore the ICU SRS is to be the broadest description of what an ICU IS should be. The document would be used as a platform to:
    1. Obtain a comprehensive understanding of an ICU, ICU workflows, information requirements and its place in RPA.
    2. Achieve an ultimate and ideal ICU that satisfies all users: Administrators, Clinician, Auditors, Researcher.
The figure below (extracted from the Meeting with Jon Patrick) shows a rough idea of how Hendy and I will attack this problem. Note that data is to be obtained through user interviews (interview questions) and analysis of CareVue software itself.

The thesis notebook will continually be updated with interview questions, findings and any other comments related to the ICU SRS.

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