Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Meeting with Professor Jon Patrick on 28/06/07

On the 28th June 2007, Hendy and I had a meeting with our supervisor Professor Jon Patrick. The core outcomes of the meeting were to:

  1. Define the project scope and deliverables (still to be finalized)
  2. What parts of the project will Hendy and I be working on separately and collaboratively.
  3. Reading material to familiarise ourselves with previous work and technology that we will be using for my thesis.
  4. Obtain an overall understanding of the project.

A brief summary of events are as follows. As per our discussion with Professor Jon Patrick, my thesis (and Hendy’s) will be divided into two core parts. The first task would be to develop a comprehensive ICU IS software requirement specification. Then we are to demonstrate (certain parts) of the functionality by building the ICU information system using the paradigm information system generator developed by William Chau and Peter Budd’s honours theses. It must be noted that the first task (ICU SRS) is to be done collaboratively with Hendy and I as by doing so, we can obtain a much more detailed system analysis of the current ICU IS (called Careview) and from there develop a comprehensive SRS for an ideal ICU IS.

Task List

For the next few weeks during the mid semester break I envisage to get up to speed with the critical readings and familiarise myself with CareVue. A summary of tasks that I will have to do includes:

Critical Reading Material

  1. Agilent Techonologies (2000), CareVue Clinical Data Management Information Support Mart – User’s Guide, Agilent Technologies
  2. Budd, J P. (2006) ‘Delivering Knowledge Based Data Prepresentations to Hospital Information Systems’, Honours Thesis, University of Sydney.
  3. Chau, W. (2006) ‘A Product and Process model for a Document-Centric Workflow Management System’, Honours Thesis, University of Sydney

Supplementary Reading Material

  1. Philips (2001), CareVue Clinical Information System-ODBC User’s Manual, Philips
  2. Hewlett Packard, (1998), HP CareVue Clinical Data Management – Data Archive Databse Definitions Manual’, Edition 1 Software Revision A1, Hewlett Packard

Technology Familiarisation

  1. Appropriate software and source code (Peter Budd and William Chau).
  2. XML databases
  3. X-Forms
  4. SNOMED CT and problems associated with the representation of SNOMED instances in database form.

Other Tasks

  1. Project plan and deliverables
  2. Scope down of thesis
  3. Interview Questions regarding SUICIUS – in conjunction with Hendy
  4. Outline of SUICIUS SRS – in conjunction with Hendy

Finally, over the next couple of days to post more information about the ICU SRS and an entry on my understanding of the project thus far (which will explain certain terminologies used above).

Thesis Notebook

As discussed in Hendy’s blog, we are going to use Google’s Thesis Notebook to share all information related to our thesis. By facilitating information sharing and collaboration, we believe we can obtain a greater understanding of the problem domain which will aide us in our individual parts and collaborative parts of our thesis. We have already begun brainstorming possible interview questions to ask RPA personnel in the development of the ICU SRS.

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