Friday, July 27, 2007

Meeting with Jon Patrick 26/07/07 - Workflow of ICU

On the 26th of July 2007, Hendy and I had a meeting with Jon Patrick to discuss project update. We covered project planning, disambiguation of the project, system analysis of CareVue and where we are heading theoretically.

One important note we got out of the meeting is to focus more on the workflow of the different users in an ICU environment. We must capture the entire workflow, (not necessary how they interact with the information systems around them). By doing so we can then apply the a form based mythology to design a future proofed, interoperable system that exceeds current functionality provided by current products. This is especially interesting as we no longer see information systems used as a data repository but as a tool to facilitate and aide patient care at every level. For example, by providing extensive decision support to nurses and doctors, improve workflow productivity and simplify and streamline tedious and often time consuming administrative events.

It must be noted that the system analysis and interviews are to be done with Hendy as there is so much to cover. The following week’s aim is to perform a more detailed functional analysis of CareVue while gathering data from RPA interviews.

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