Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Update: Meeting with Angela Ryan

Tomorrow, Hendy and I have scheduled our first meeting with Angela Ryan, one of our major contacts down at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Our aims are to cover the following issues:

1. Work flow of ICU department - how patients are administered into ICU, what process they go through ICUs and when/how patients exit the ICU ward and where they go from there.

2. System Analysis of CareVue including:
  • Range of Current functionality
  • Critique of CareVue - advantages, disadvantages,
  • How CareVue is implemented into their current work flow
3. What an ideal ICU should encompass.

4. Set up meetings with other RPA personnel as required.

A list of interview questions have been listed on thesis notebook but is continually updated on Trac (a wiki and sub version repository and project management tool used for this project).

In addition, a weekly meeting with Jon Patrick (Supervisor) has been scheduled on Thursday at 12 every week. I will update this blog in the following days after the meeting.

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