Friday, August 3, 2007

Update: Week Ending 3rd August 2007

Summary of week ending 03/08/07
Hendy and I spent the majority of our time this week (Tuesday to Friday) at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. My main goals for the week were to:
  • Describe and document workflow of clinicians with an emphasis on their use of clinicial information systems including CareVue.
  • Map out workflow into simple diagrams.
  • System analysis of CareVue and its ability to satisfy its purpose.
  • Summaries and report any significant issues with current ICU information systems.
  • Elicit functional and non-functional requirements of an idealised ICU information system.
Week commencing 06/08/07
Hendy and I also had a detailed meeting with Jon Patrick to discuss progress and what to do next on Friday. Over the coming week, I hope to achieve the following:
  • Write up system analysis document (Draft) - contain SRS, full analysis of workflow, data flow, interview findings, etc
  • Follow up interviews/meetings with RPA to present and finalise findings.
  • Experiment with G.H.I.M.S (if time permits)
I will follow up these entries with a summary of findings over next few days.