Saturday, August 18, 2007

Weekly Update 06/08/07 - 17/08/07

Project Update:
It has just been two weeks since my last post. Over the past two weeks, I have been updating TRAC (a sub version repository and a wiki) about all the findings that we have gathered during our site visits at the RPA. From there, Hendy and I have been developing workflow diagrams (which seem to get ever more larger and more complex), data flow diagrams, updating an ICU SRS as well as having weekly meetings with my supervisor; Jon Patrick. Furthermore, we have also been returning to RPA to perform follow up meetings with Angela to review our work and confirm work flow diagrams. We have also begun viewing some source code with G.H.I.M.S, however, I have yet to fully look at or experiment with the code.

Project Time Management:
The system analysis phase of the project is taking longer than expected. This is mainly attributed to follow up meetings with Angela as well as the complexity of work flow diagrams (I will post an example later on) in trying to capture the varied and often chaotic work flow of an intensive care unit. Even simple processes such as discharge can be a hurdle due to the numerous legal requirements, reporting processes as well as actual management of the patient. For example work flow thus far (it is still a work in progress) is shown below:

Furthermore, the SRS for an ideal ICU will come from the interviews from RPA personnel as well as a system analysis of CareVue. As a result, we have completed a draft system review of CareVue and from there we are beginning to develop an SRS. We envisage the complete drafted SRS to be finalised by the end of this coming week.

Project Resource Management:
Over the last two weeks, I've had two meetings with Prof. Jon Patrick regarding thesis progress. The first meeting mainly consisted of providing feedback and direction relating to work flow diagrams as well as information in TRAC. The second meeting on 16/08/2007 was to discuss the progress of validating information in TRAC, re-scoping the project and Jon's availability next week. Jon is unavailable next week and will be away for several weeks from the start of September (although he will be able to be contacted via email). To take his place as IT supervisor next week and when Prof. Jon Patrick is away will be Dr Alan Fekete.

I will dedicate a separate post to the re-scoping of the project as it is a significant turning point in the thesis.

Furthermore, we have found out that Angela will be away and consequently unavailable for the next 2 weeks. While this will represents a significant strain in our resources, I see this as an opportunity to fully consolidate our findings before Angela returns. As a result, our contact within RPA for the next two weeks will be Dr. Herkes and Chris.

Task for the following week
Given the significant changes occuring, the tasks for the following week will be to:
  • Consolidate TRAC
  • Complete Work flow Diagram
  • Complete System Review/analysis of CareVue
  • Complete SRS
  • Complete DFDs
  • Review source code for G.H.I.M.S as try to get it working (while setting up develop environment on my home computer and uni computer).
  • Begin to modify G.H.I.M.S if possible.

Resource wise Hendy and I will have to:
  • Contact Dr. Alan Fekete
  • Contact Peter Budd regarding his code

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